Summer vibrant 2017

Hello everyone, how is your summer going? It’s the early time of July. The buring heat is out there. Hiking in the mountain, surfing in the ocean, going to EDC who doesn’t want to enjoy the summer with the relaxed mood. However, the outfit for this summer is very important and the looks that come up with it carry the significance of style. So the outfit must be cozy and casual. The summer trend has reach the peak and everyone is busy concentrating their style. There are outfits that gives your spontaneous looks with satisfactory feeling.

This is the Red-Black latern looks. This looks gives a perfect comfortable fashion and also the color glows very well in the sunny weather. The black jeans comes with a little tight fitting but the trend can hold the  looks into any atmosphere in this summer. This look is very friendly with outdoor party or summer date with a beautiful person.

T-shirt by Ecstasy

pant- Zara

This is the casual black & blue Droped out look. The blend of the black T anf the blue jeans get mixed amd turns into a perfect cocktail. The blacks T shirt is more absorbent and reflective and the Blue Jean comes out quite lighter in outdoor. This look is perfect for a long drive and also for visiting any places.

Tshirt- H & M

Pant- Topman

Sneaker- Kswiss

The ZBT look: This flashy and very cozy outfit is stylish and also has hellover charisma to impress anyone at any park or any stadium. The Zara baseball T-shirt gives the luminous sporty look with the stripe. It also comes with a reasonable price in the market. Obviously nothing matches great with it except blue Topman jeans.


Jisun Benz