The Watermelon Touch on Skin

The fires of Summer are left out of the sun, and the soul becomes tired of thirst. At this time the pair of watermelon loads to add to life. But know what, not only thirst, but melon also helpful in skin care. In ancient Egypt, the fruit was used in skin care.

Benefits of watermelon:

There is more than 90 percent water in watermelon, which basically reduces the dehydration of the body and skin. Apart from this, watermelon amino acids help to increase the skin’s collagen content. At the same time it contains anti-oxidants, vitamins A, B and C. These ingredients help in eliminating the dryness of the skin along with dryness.
Refreshing skin

watermelon can be used in any problem of skin. Blackheads, rashes, burns or acne problems arise during this summer. Potassium masks, watermelon ice cubes are very useful in solving these problems. I do have a friend who talked to me about various uses of watermelon on skin. He said, ‘Watermelon is a fruit that you can use in every part of the skin.’
As a moisturizer and scab,

I always prefer to have a bright and moisturizing skin, will have a pair of watermelon. Due to Vitamin C in watermelon it is very good as a scab. So cut a piece of watermelon and gently rub it on the skin. Then wash the face with cold water or ice cubes. If you want, you can scrubbing rice powder mixed with rice powder. Put it in 10 minutes and wash it with cold water. I have personally experimented that the seeds of watermelon can be used as a scraping by drying powder. With this, only any clarinet is mixed. It also removes the black spots on your skin.
As a clinker:

The sun is so intense, it is necessary to work outdoors. Along with that there is dust. Rash, Acne Problems on the skin. I have noticed that the problem of rash and acne on oily skin is more visible. You can also use watermelon for that. Watermelon and lemon juice mixed together can also be used as a clinker. Massage the mixture on the skin for at least three days a week. After 10 minutes wash it with cold water. Even those whose skin is dry, they can also use watermelon, ripe banana, milk pack. Use the pack for three to four days a week.
As a mask:

With the melon, you can make a mask mixed with peas, two pinch of yellow, sour yogurt and modest lemon juice. Keep on the skin until it gets dry. This mask is useful as a toner. The result is that the skin will not easily fall on the skin. You can keep the mask freezing up to 1 week. It’s better not to keep more than that. Or you can also make watermelon masks with egg yolk. It reduces the burn scars in the sun. If the paste of soybean powder, semi-spoon honey and egg white in the juice of watermelon can be pasted, it works as a very good mask. This is beneficial for any skin.
Watermelon seeds in acne problems:

Boil cleaned watermelon seeds in water. When the seeds become soft, paste it on the acne. After drying three to five minutes, gently brush the egg white on it and gently apply it. After 10 minutes wash with clean water. It is very useful for oily skin.
Watermelon peel

Cut the green part of watermelon kernels thin and boil it in small water. You can also use it as a toner by cooling down the water.
More quality

* Since Vitamin A is in vadamin, it removes black spots on your eyes.

* Vitamin A of watermelon removes excess oily skin.

Amino acid of watermelon keeps blood circulation normal. As a result, the normal growth and brightness of the hair is maintained.

Jisun Benz