Floral Camelo

           Hello everyone, summer is here. I know everyone is ready to surf in the ocean, jumping off plan, laying down on beach while sipping a glass of margarita. So the summer style is out now and the summer clothes are also available in almost every clothing shops. Every cloth you buy has to be trendy and fashionable and its pricing range has to be reachable. Today i went out to a party in my cousin’s house. I choose this outfit because its look cool and also comfortable for this hot weather in New York City. This whole look i named as ‘Floral Camelo’. This black shirt with camel color flower and the pant suits great with this shirt. There’s a famous quote ‘Quality Over Quantity’ also when it comes to fashion there is a quote ‘Clean and cozy makes it classy’ which always should be preferred by everyone. Nomatter how good the cloth looks on you it it’s uncomfortable then choose something that fits you good and also makes you feel comfortable. For today thats all guys. I will post my next blog soon till then bye.

My shirt- Asos Floral print

My Pant -River Island Jogger Camel color





Jisun Benz