The Wedding Crasher

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How’s the summer going? The summer is coming to an end soon. Summer is full of excitement and parties and beautiful moments. Wedding in summer is one of the most satisfying moments in every individual’s life. Wedding is the bond of two individuals who are responsible enough to take care of each other, love each other and stand on each other’s side in every situation of life. However, one of eye- the catching part of wedding is the looks and style. The wedding look carry the impression that can charm anyone in any moment. So the there has to be a great balance between dress-code, hairstyle and fragrance. Last month, I was invited to one of my cousin’s friend’s wedding. It was great to witness of the mesmerizing event. I choose the simple and ecstatic look so that I can maintain my style and feel comfortable with the dress-code.

This look comes with olive casual pant from Denim. The perfect white shirt from Selected- Homme

There was bottle of Moet, Grey- Goose and of course Rosé. Everyone was having very good time. The thrilling moment came to the scene when the Salsa dance starts. Everyone had to pick a partner. But I was capturing events so I couldn’t able to dance and couldn’t find any dance partner. But I witnessed a great wedding. Probably the most beautiful wedding event I attended in 2017.

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Jisun Benz

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