Remove Scar Easily

 Your skin is naturally healthy and natural. You love your skin. When you find out your skin has a dark spot you start to worry about how to get it removed from the skin. Suddenly one day I work up from sleep and saw a little spot in the face. Normally there are stains in the face due to the burning of the sun or the nails of the little rash in your own strangers. Gradually it mixes but it does not matter. But if you go to any event at that time such as birthday party, wedding or any fashion shows etc, then you have to think a little bit. As a skincare connoisseur, i have experimented that such scars can be removed in five days for the use of things in the house. How? Let’s take a look: 1. Mix half a teaspoon honey with a teaspoon of orange pea mixture. Now wait for 20 minutes on the stain. Take this mixture out of four to five days to remove the skin scars. 2. Mix egg yolk and few drops of lemon juice with semi-teaspoon lentil peas. Wait 15 minutes on the whole face. It will remove the stains of the face and the spots. 3. Take dab water to refrigerate and ice. Before slumber, rub the pieces of ice on the stain. 4. Ripe papaya is quite effective to remove the scars of the skin. Mix milk and honey with it. 5. If the paste on the paste of mint leaves will be removed quickly.
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Jisun .

Jisun Benz